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Installation Guide (WIP)

Step 1 –

(this will be the Sunbird RC link once the code is merged)
Go to the specific directory where you have cloned the repository i.e. ref-automation Then perform the following command
sudo chmod -R +x
Export your_domain= Example : (export Then run the file ./

Step 2 - Setting Up the services

After installing certificates to the domain go to a specific directory i.e. ref-automation And perform the following command
sudo docker-compose up -d
Once all the containers are up and running then perform the below commands step by step
sudo docker exec -it postgres_db bash psql -U postgres CREATE DATABASE cred_ms CREATE DATABASE cred_ms_schema CREATE DATABASE identity
And exit the container Perform the following command in the terminal :
sudo docker restart credential_ms cred_schema_ms_service did_l3_service
Below Steps are required only if we want to set up on the server

Step 3 - Register your server to the Domain

Register The Server IP in the domain name in A records and wait for the validation.

Install Certbot

To install certbot for the ubuntu20.04 for nginx use cases follow the below command
sudo apt install certbot python3-certbot-nginx
sudo certbot
Add your mail id in the next step.
Then agree to the terms and conditions by Typing "Y" + Enter After that certbot will show you domain name you have setup select the appropriate domain name there with number Ex :
  1. 1.
Then select 1
Select the option redirecting the http to https access and you are done with the SSL certificates

Step 4 - Nginx configurations

Go to the /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ and go to the config file of your domain that we have created add the below entity in the file in the server block
location /registry/ { proxy_pass http://regisry:8081/; }
Like above add your service name and in proxy_pass add container name with assign Port save and close the file then run the below commands
sudo nginx -t sudo systemctl restart nginx
check the domain name with https access.