Technical Components (WIP)


The components can be divided into two parts - Microservices / APIs and Frontend Portals

A. ULP Microservices

1. Credential Issuance Service

Microservice to create the credentials in the credential store. This service is part of Sunbird RC

2. Credential Schema Service

Microservice to create the credential schema, template and render the credentials in the selected template.

3. Identity Service (DID)

Microservice to create the unique identity for the learner and issuer for the credential.

4. Middleware Service

The Backend for frontend (BFF) microservice is written for adding authorization for the above services and ULP specific services like Aadhar Verification (pre-prod) and UDISE APIs

1. Issuance portal

This is the portal to enable the organisation, issuer onboarding. It has the functionality to create bulk credentials, claim approval, view issued credentials and a dashboard. You can add setup this on your server by adding config changes.

The portal is currently under maintenance and might not be usable.

2. Holder App

This web app will be for learners to view, download or share their credentials.

3. Verification Portal

This web app will be used for verifiers to verify whether the particular credential is valid and not expired.

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