Education Registries

Education Registry is a sample (a reference solution) built on Sunbird RC demonstrating registry of the common subjects involved in an educational system, and flows that allow attesting some of the most common claims like that of education history of students and teaching history of teachers.

User Personas

  1. Education Board

  2. Institute

  3. Teachers

  4. Students

User Journey

User Flow

Supported Claims

  1. Board Affiliation Claim : Added by Institute, and attested by Education Board

  2. Teaching Experience Claim : Added by Teacher and attested by Institute

  3. Education Experience Claim : Added by Student and attested by a Teacher who is part of the related Institute (A Teacher is part of the institute as long as they have an active experience for the Institute in question)

Demo Videos

Sunbird RC Education Use Case Video

Source Code

The source code to install this example can be found at

Project link:

Use case implementation can be found here at

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