Invite An Entity

To invite an entity, we need to make the following HTTP request

Invite an Entity

POST /api/v1/{entity-type}/invite

Path Parameters


Request Body

	"id": "sunbird-rc.registry.invite",
	"ver": "1.0",
	"ets": 1634198998956,
	"params": {
		"resmsgid": "",
		"msgid": "3ee6a76f-d6c8-4262-a7ee-ddbe66fcb127",
		"err": "",
		"status": "SUCCESSFUL",
		"errmsg": ""
	"responseCode": "OK",
	"result": { "Teacher": { "osid": "1-9d6099fc-2c01-4714-bceb-55ff28c482f9" } }

Important Fields in Response Body


So to create a Teacher entity named Pranav Agate who teaches Math at UP Public School, we would make the following API call:


curl --location \
	--request 'POST' \
	--header 'content-type: application/json' \
	--data-raw '{
		"phoneNumber": "1234567890",
		"school": "UP Public School",
		"subject": "Math",
		"name": "Pranav Agate",
	}' \


printf '{
    "name": "Pranav Agate",
    "teaches": "Math",
    "school": "UP Public School"
}'| http POST '{registry-url}/api/v1/Teacher/invite' \

{registry-url} is usually http://localhost:{port}. The port can be found under the registry section in the docker-compose.yml file and is usually 8081.

Note: Invite API doesn't validate the required parameters. Invite API is designed to be used to invite another actor to the system with minimal information, hence required validations will not be applied. Instead, use create an entity API.

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