Frontend Setup E-locker


To set up E-locker on your local machine these steps should followed :

  • Use these commands to clone the repositories.

git clone

  • Clone demo-elocker repository and navigate to ui-config folder

git clone

cd demo-elocker/ui-config

  • In this folder you will see a list of JSON files. We need to create a symbolic link of these files in the assets folder of sunbird-rc-elocker-ui repository

  • For this : copy the path of ui-config folder and navigate to assets/config folder of sunbird-rc-elocker-ui

  • Create a symbolic link

cd sunbird-rc-elocker-ui/src/assets/config/

ln -s <path_of_ui_config_from_demo_elocker>

For example:

> ln -s /home/user/demo-elocker/ui-config


  • Navigate to the src folder of sunbird-rc-elocker-ui

  • Install dependencies and run the application using these commands

cd sunbird-rc-elocker-ui/src/

Nvm use v16.13.1


npm start \

  • Once the application has started successfully, you will see a message indicating that the application is running. It will also provide the URL where the application is hosted locally, typically `http://localhost:4200`.\

  • Copy the URL (`http://localhost:4200`) and paste it into your browser to access the Angular application.

Proxy configuration (How to fix CORS issues)

  • Refer this link for proxy configuration


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