Example Scenario

As an example scenario, consider a case of an NGO distributing textbooks to students in classes 1-5 of government schools in a State. In this scenario:

  • The school acts as the issuer, responsible for certifying the eligibility of students to receive textbooks.

  • The students are the learners who require credentials certifying their eligibility.

  • The NGO serves as the verifier, responsible for verifying the credentials and facilitating the distribution of books based on the verification result.

In this example activity, the school issues a credential certifying a student's eligibility to receive textbooks. The NGO verifies the credential using ULP's verification capability. Based on the verification result, the NGO carries out the activity of distributing books to the eligible students.

Scenario 1:

Sharan is a School Student (HOLDER) who is moving to a different city and is switching schools at the start of the academic year. The new school’s management has asked for a transfer certificate which is to be issued by the previous school’s principal. In the current scenario, Sharan has to physically go back to his school, provide a written request for a transfer certificate. The certificate is physically issued to Sharan by the school principal. Sharan then goes to his new school and submits the transfer certificate to the management. The management has employed staff members to verify the truthfulness of the transfer certificate. They do so by doing a background check at the previous school. Sharan required a week of effort to get admission into his new school.

With ULP, Sharan (Holder) can request the principal (Issuer) to issue a verifiable credential as a transfer certificate. The principal enters the data of Sharan in the portal and issues the transfer certificate as a verifiable credential. The credential is stored in Sharan’s student wallet which he can access by logging into his account. He then downloads and shares the transfer certificate to the School Management (Verifier). The School Management scans the QR Code in the verifiable credential and gets confirmation that it is a valid transfer certificate. The whole process can be completed in a day.

Scenario 2:

Monica has completed a certification course with XYZ Education. She has applied for a job opportunity with Verify Technologies who have mandated the certification from XYZ Education as a criterion. Monica received a physical certificate from XYZ Education which has an organisation seal on it with a certificate no. Monica scans the certificate and shares it with Verify Technologies to initiate the process for employment. Verify Technologies on receiving the certificate, contacts XYZ Education with name and certificate no to confirm. XYZ Education then checks the certification authenticity and informs Verify Technologies that it is valid. Monica’s interview was scheduled 1 week after initiating application.

With ULP, XYZ Education issues a certificate as a verifiable credential to Monica immediately after completion of the course. Monica during her application process with Verify Technologies shares the verified credentials. Verify Credentials verifies the authenticity of the certificate by scanning the QR Code. The interview was scheduled the next day after completion of verification.

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