Skills & Work Credentials

This reference solution provides a starting point to create a platform to allow people to collect credentials related to their skills, work experience , share them & get them verified digitally to get related benefits.
Currently we have have envisaged providing the following type of credentials
  • Training Credential : Proof or Training Attended
  • Skill Credential : Proof of Skills showcased/assessed
  • Work Credential : Proof of Work Done/ Employment
  • Reputation Credential : Proof or reputation using a verified review/rating

User Flow

User Personas
  • Institue/ Skill center Admin
  • Attndee / Student
  • Industry Admins
The following Demo Scenario has been developed.
ACT #1 Pulse Skilling Center in Nashik registers with the National Skill Registry Platform
ACT #2 Pulse Skilling Center registers the courses they offer on the platform one of which is Laser sheet metal cutting
Act #3 Mohandas attends a course on Laser Sheet Metal cutting at Pulse Skilling Center. (offline/online)
Act #4 Mohandas enrols on the National Skill Platform Registry or Pulse Skilling Center does the enrolment on his behalf.
Act #5 Pulse issues Mohandas Digital Training Credential on completing the course via the National Skill Registry Platform.
Act #6 Mohandas completes a series of exams which include theory as well as practicals & is issued a Digital Skill Credential
Act #7 Mohandas applies for a Job at Krishna Industries in Nashik. Krishna Industries validates his training & skill credentials & confirms his appointment letter.
Act #8 Mohandas completes 3 Years & decides to move to Coimbatore.
#Act 9A Krishna Industries issues Mohandas a Digital Work Credential that certifies the fact that Mohandas worked with them for 3 years.
#Act 9B In addition, due to exemplary skill demonstrated by Mohan, Krishna Industries also issues a Digital Reputation Credential to Mohandas.
#Act 10 Mohandas applies for a job in Coimbatore at a tooling company called SPK Engineering Works.
#Act 11 SPK Engineering works as part of its validation process validated all the digital credentials supplied by Mohandas & was able to onboard Mohandas quicker with a less intensive testing & interview process. You can discuss & give feedback about this use-case in the Discussions Area here.
Of the above, the initial Pilot Demo covers Training & Skill Credentials. (Act#1 Act#7)

Source Code

The source code to install this example can be found at
Usecase implementation can be found here at