There are several ways in which you can contribute. We're listing the most important ones here :
Contribute Features & Bug fixes Head over to Github and send in your pull requests for new features & bug fixes. For new features, add an Issue as a 'Requests for Comments (RFC) to get community feedback on feature ideas & approaches
Contribute & help others on the Discussions Help answer questions & guide adopters on the discussion board
Implement reference solutions & use cases Have a great idea where Sunbird-RC can be useful ? Add it to the documentation as a Use case. Even better if you can deploy your own copy of Sunbird-RC & add it to the reference solutions & demos section
Help improve this documentation This documentation is a collaboration & is managed via Github. The community repository on Github can be used to contribute to documentation.
Be a Product Evangelist Help us spread the word & increase adoption. A simple tweet can go a long way. But we'd love to see blogs, talks & podcasts as well !
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