Frontend Configurations

Registry provides following configuration properties
Locate the config.json file in the root folder of your Sunbird RC project.
Update the values of the keys according to your application details. Here's an example of how the updated config.json file might look:
"keycloak": { // Add your keycloak configurations here
"url": "domainUrl/auth",
"clientId": "registry-frontend",
"realm": "sunbird-rc"
"configFolder": "/assets/config/ui-config",
"languageFolder": "/assets/i18n",
"title": "Registry Name", // Here you can change Application name
"baseUrl": "domainUrl/registry/api/v1", // Replace with your API URL
"domainName" : "", //Replace with Site Domain
"schemaUrl": "domainUrl/registry/api/docs/swagger.json", // Replace with your schema api(swagger) url
"footerText": "Organ donation registry", // Change Footer text
"languages": [
"appType": "attestation",
"default_theme": { // Here you can change theme color and site logo
"logoPath": "../../assets/images/logo.svg",
- - -
- - -
  • Keycloak: Update the url, clientId, and realm properties with your Keycloak configuration details.
  • baseUrl: Replace "domainUrl/registry/api/v1" with the actual URL of your API.
  • domainName: Replace "" with the domain name of your site.
  • schemaUrl: Update "domainUrl/registry/api/docs/swagger.json" with the URL of your schema API (Swagger).
  • footerText: Change the value of this property to the desired footer text for your application.
  • languages: If you want to add multilingual support to your site, add the language codes you want to support in this array.
  • default_theme: Update the properties within this object to modify the site's color, logo etc.