Organ Registries

Organ Registry is a sample (a reference solution) built on Sunbird RC demonstrating registry of the about available donors in the country who have pledged to donate their organs and enable verification of authentic recipients seeking organ transplant so that unnecessary or fraudulent organ requests can be avoided.

The organ registries are facilitated with the capability to issue verifiable digital pledge certificates that took input from the stakeholder’s registration data (maintained by the registry component)

Type of Registries

  • Pledge Registry

  • Live Donor Registry (WIP)

  • Recipient Registry (WIP)

  • Cadaver Registry (WIP)

Pledge Registry

Citizens can pledge to donate their organs once they are declared brain stem dead.

User Persona for Pledge Registry

1. Citizen (Pledger)

2. Issuing Authority

User Journey

Source Code

Use case implementation can be found here at

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