eLocker (Digital Locker)

Sunbird eLocker is a reference solution built on Sunbird RC to help countries quickly establish their digital locker platform. This reference solution is provided as a basic starting point for building a digital eLocker platform to store and manage credentials of users.

High Level Diagram (WIP)


  1. Credential Issuer

  2. eLocker

  3. End User

User Personas

  1. Consumer:

    I would like to have easy access of my documents, so that I can use it whenever required.

  2. **Issuer: **

    I would like to manage the issuance of certificate at one place.

  3. **Accepting Party/3rd Party: **

    (WIP)I would like to access documents of my customer easily, so that I can review and process the next steps of my customer’s claim…

User Flows (Issuer)

  • Registration/Onboarding

  • Issuance Flow

    1. Type 1 (Upload data)

      Issuers who are not digital can get onboarded fast - by using upload functionality

    2. Type 2 (Issuance system)

      Issuer uses Sunbird RC’s issuer system to issue certificate

    3. Type 3 (API endpoint)

      Connecting to existing system

User Flows (Accepting/3rd Party)

Source Code

The source code to install this example can be found at https://github.com/Sunbird-RC/demo-elocker


Usecase implementation can be found here at https://elocker.xiv.in/

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