Sunbird RC Overview

What's Sunbird RC?

Sunbird RC is a "low code" framework to enable organizations to rapidly build next generation electronic registries and verifiable credentials. Sunbird RC uses a set of configurations to rapidly build out registries, automatically generate CRUD (create/ read/ update/ delete) APIs without any coding, enable registry searches and access via open APIs, issue and manage verifiable credentials, manage user consent flows if required, manage attestation and verification flows, etc.

Sunbird RC is listed as a global Digital Public Good (DPG) within the Digital Public Good Alliance (DPGA) registry. Sunbird RC is the core engine within DIVOC, a globally recognized DPG for vaccination and health credentialing. Sunbird RC is also part of India's massively adopted DIKSHA school education platform used at population scale.

This is an independently usable digital building block and is part of overall Sunbird open source initiative. Similar to various projects under Sunbird, this is also open sourced under MIT license and you are free to adopt for your purposes. We strongly encourage you to contribute back, participate in the community to help improve this project.

Use the Github discussions board or use this invite to join Discord community channel to participate in the community and help improve. For feature requests and issues, use the issue tracker. We also encourage you to help fix documentation and code by doing pull requests on the appropriate repos here.

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