Status By Track

The intent of this page is to give a high level status on various project tracks & reference implementations that are currently in progress. Complete details can be found on github project boards.


Sunbird RC Backend

Enroll, Update, Authenticate, Consent, Discover verbs have been enabled. Manual attestation is in place. _Auto Attestation is in progress. _

Sunbird RC UI

The UI supports all the key verbs of the backend & enabled configurable forms & layouts for the frontend. _Auto attestation & discovery is in progress. _

Education Use Case

Sample registry of Students, Teachers, Institutions enabling Enrollment, Authentication, Updates, Consent , Claims & Attestation & Discovery has been setup. A demo video can be seen here along with other details of the implementation.

Digital Locker Use Case

In conceptualisation & design stage. Progress can be seen here.

Product Documentation

Basic installation & configuration documentation is ready. It can be seen on this site. Progress on documentation is being tracked here.

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